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3rd June 2012

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For a very specific group of fans.


For a very specific group of fans.

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30th November 2011

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Why Janeway is the best captain

Janeway Vs. Picard

Picard was assimilated by the Borg, Janeway assimilated a borg.

Drinks coffee, not that sissy “Earl Grey” stuff.

Hasn’t let an adolescent pilot the Federation flagship — yet.

Janeway has a First Officer with a tattoo…ON HIS FACE!

7 seasons and Wesley has yet to save the ship.

Her CONN officer actually went through the Academy.

Doesn’t force her crew to wear awful outfits, unless it is to blend in with a primitive planet.

Has a science background. Quoting Shakespeare two minutes before a warp core breach isn’t very helpful.

More hair than all previous Star Trek commanding officers combined.

Janeway stays in the Delta Quadrant for 7 years and only loses 17 crew members. Picard can’t stay in there for 5 minutes without losing 50 people from a borg attack.

Janeway vs. Kirk

Janeway has adventures with god-like beings. Kirk did too, but the Q are much cooler than Apollo.

Janeway’s helmsman was a hardened criminal as opposed to a MonkeesĀ look-alike.

Kirk nailed everything that moved. Janeway had to create her perfect man on the Holodeck, her standards are that high.

Janeway bitch-slapped the Borg Queen. Kirk would have tried to do her.

Janeway’s head of security has Vulcan ears glued to his head. Kirk’s security officers die every episode.

When Kirk encountered a time paradox he solved it by letting a Woman get killed, a pretty good looking Woman. When Janeway encountered a time paradox she solved it by piloting her ship into it. Janeway had more balls.

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